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What is graphic design?

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Effective visual communication
of an idea or concept. Graphic design is a part of everything
we see and touch.

If you want to communicate something how would you go about it? You could communicate your message verbally; you might tell people one at a time, use a loudspeaker to tell a group of people or even the radio to tell a whole community. However, if you set up a webpage, made a poster or a flyer, handed out a business card, placed an ad in a newspaper or typed a letter you’d be using a form of visual communication. Another name for this method of communication is graphic design.


Graphic design is often associated with computers and computer-generated imagery, but graphic designers also work with illustrations, photography, textures, colours and letterforms (otherwise known as typography) to produce print-based design as well as web-based design. Using all of these various elements, and the space around them, the designer can communicate a visual message to an audience.

Graphic design has a profound impact on our everyday lives. It’s difficult to imagine how much graphic design surrounds and influences us but everything, from your bus timetable or the maps on your GPS, to the packaging on your cereal box, it’s the work of a graphic designer. How about the neon-signs on the top of your office building, the billboards at Times Square or the magazines you read? Movie posters, TV adverts or graphics on the T-shirt you just bought. And of course, the website you’re looking at right now – all of these things and much more are the work of a graphic designer whose role it is to inform, stimulate, identify, persuade and interact with you in the most effective and visually appealing way possible.

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